Angelina Jolie’s THE TOURIST Could Gain Johnny Depp but Has Already Lost Sam Worthington and Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

     November 4, 2009


“The Tourist” just can’t seem to find a destination.  The story–an American tourist drawn into a web of intrigue and danger by a female Interpol agent as she attempts to locate a criminal who was once her lover–originally starred Tom Cruise and Charlize Theron with directing by Bharat Nalluri (“Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day”).  Then Cruise dropped out to co-star in “Knight and Day” (formerly “Witchita”) with Cameron Diaz.  In his place came Sam Worthington.  Then Theron split and Jolie came aboardA week later, director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (“The Lives of Others”) joined the project.

But now Worthington and von Donnersmarck are both gone over the infamous “creative differences” and Johnny Depp is in talks to take Worthington’s role.  And as for the director, many are scrapping for the gig, including Alfonso Cuaron.  Hit the jump for more details.

BFDMemo reports the absolutely crazy news about how these elements have shifted once again although “The Tourist” is still headed for a February 2010 start date.  Depp has entered negotiations as producer Graham King built up a relationship with the actor by collaborating with him both on “The Rum Diary” and Gore Verbinski’s upcoming animated movie, “Rango”.

But if Depp takes the part, this throws a huge wrench into the works for “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” which is set for a Summer 2011 release date that may be difficult to reach since it’s going to be an expensive movie with a long shoot and an even longer post-production.  However, I doubt they’ll set sail without Depp on board since it will be difficult to sell a “Pirates” movie without Captain Jack Sparrow.

More interesting is how BFD notes that “directors are circling the plum gig, including Alfonso Cuaron.”  Judging solely from the logline I’m not sure what makes this such a “plum gig” other than location and talent.  But throwing out Cuaron’s name is a big deal since he hasn’t done a film since his 2005 masterpiece, “Children of Men”.

If “The Tourist” ever does come together, and it keeps seeming like a big “if”, it will be interesting to see what form it takes and the kind of film its previous players through it would be.


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