Sam Esmail Says Angelyne Limited Series Will Be “Respectful” and “Sensitive”

     November 14, 2017


Last year, THR ran an investigative story by Gary Baum about Angelyne, a mysterious LA icon whose real name and true story were until then unknown. For those who were beguiled by Angelyne over the years, it was a fascinating portrayal of the life of a woman who has always been so careful about crafting her image. Because of that, Angelyne reportedly wasn’t very happy with the story. But now, according to THR, Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail is making a limited series based on their report, and starring his wife Emmy Rossum.

At a press junket for Mr. Robot, our own Christina Radish asked Esmail about the project, and what got him interested in telling Angelyne’s story:


Image via USA

“I give all that credit to Emmy [Rossum]. She was the one that read the article, and she had known about Angelyne prior to the article. I actually had not. I’m from Jersey, so I didn’t grow up around it. But then, I read the article and I think it’s so fascinating. With the concept of fame and the bizarre way it can manifest itself, and the concept of fantasy and reality and the contrast between the two, I just think her story is a really fascinating one. I’m just behind Emmy on this one. She’s the one that really sought it out and she has a lot of passion for it.”

As for whether or not Angelyne herself might be involved in this series, or given a creative voice, Esmail said:

It’s so early. We’re such in the early stages right now. We want to find a way to be as respectful as possible and as sensitive as possible.

The series is currently being shopped to cable and streaming outlets, and its creation marks the first time that a Hollywood Reporter article has been adapted into a series.