‘Animal Crossing’: New Summer Update Adds Fireworks, Dream Vacations, and More

     July 28, 2020

🎆 Weekly fireworks shows in August!
🛌 Visit other players’ islands in a dream!
💾 Island Backup & Restoration
The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer Update – Wave 2 lights up the sky on July 30.

Summertime and the livin’ is easy for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players. (Or maybe it’s not, I dunno, because all this Virtual Life Management seems very stressful to yours truly.) The free update, starting on July 30th, will add a bit of summer flair to the island adventure game. Players will be treated to weekly fireworks extravaganzas and be able to take a (literal) dream vacation to other players’ islands. And since you’ve put all that hard work into your island, Nintendo is also beefing up their Backup & Restoration options with the new patch. Right now, the plan is to have this in place to recover data in case it’s lost or damaged; transferring saved data is expected to arrive later this year.

The Fireworks Shows, taking place on Sundays, will include custom-designed fireworks (with some strong filters in place, I’d imagine). When your character sleeps, they’ll be able to chat with Luna, a dream assistant of sorts who will help you travel to other islands which you can explore; you can also open up your own island to fellow dream travelers. And, in addition to the Backup & Restoration function and its expanded operations later this year, fans can look forward to an all-new free update this fall, likely harvest / Halloween-themed, if that jack-o’-lantern is any indication.

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