6 Animation Studios That Are Pushing the Boundaries of the Industry

     July 17, 2017


During last week’s RTX 2017, Rooster Teeth’s 7th annual expo that brings movie, TV, video game, and Internet fandoms under one roof, the 2nd annual Rooster Teeth Animation Festival ran right alongside the main programming. This incredible display of both veteran and rising talent from the world of animation gave fans of the medium unprecedented access to some of the biggest names and most creative artists in the industry. It’s a must-attend for fans of animation and a great opportunity for those of you who are looking to get a foot in the door of the business.

I had the chance to not only attend the panels of a number of animation studios at RTX but also to interview their creative visionaries one on one. You can read my full chat with legendary producer Fred Seibert here, but there are some additional tidbits included below that pertain to Frederator’s latest effort, Castlevania I also talked with the series’ director Sam Deats from Powerhouse Animation. Another interview you’ll find below features Myles Langlois, creator of Adult Swim’s Apollo Gauntlet, along with the show’s director Greg Franklin. Finally, look for my chat with the team behind the Austin-based animation studio, Mighty Coconut, who count Kings of Atlantis among their productions.


Image via Rooster Teeth

Here’s a brief look at the animation studios in our spotlight:

  • Frederator Studios
    • Castlevania, Costume Quest, GO! Cartoons, Bee and Puppycat, Bravest Warriors
  • Powerhouse Animation
    • Castlevania, 6 Manos, OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes
  • Adult Swim
    • Apollo Gauntlet, Squidbillies, Tigtone, Lazor Wulf
  • Rooster Teeth
    • RWBY, gen:LOCK, Camp Camp, Red vs Blue, RT Animated Adventures
  • Mondo Media
    • Happy Tree Friends, Deep Space 69, Lastman
  • Mighty Coconut
    • Kings of Atlantis, The OceanMaker, Pigeon: Impossible, Koalaroo, The Mighty Coconuts

Feel free to check out your favorite studios or shows below, but don’t be afraid to venture into the unknown and explore some up-and-coming animation talent. You might just find your next favorite obsession!