Anna Camp on Jim and Pam’s Wedding, More ‘Pitch Perfect’ and Her New Netflix Movies

     June 4, 2020

It wasn’t until I started prepping for this episode of Collider Ladies Night that I fully realized how much Anna Camp has accomplished over the years and how much she’s contributed to a number of iconic franchises. I have a feeling I’m not alone with this, but I first took note of her work after catching her as Sarah Newlin on True Blood, but in addition to that unforgettable HBO series, Camp has also appeared on The Office, Mad Men, The Good Wife, and then some. And even when it comes to short-lived shows that didn’t get the love they deserved, like let’s say Amazon’s Good Girls Revolt, Camp still delivered material that made a long-lasting impression, with fans still spreading love for the series long after it ended.

All of this and we haven’t even mentioned Camp’s work on the big screen yet! Of course the Pitch Perfect franchise made an indelible impression on many, but Camp is currently in the midst of quite the string of new release including two Netflix movies and another feature film that’s bound to show off significant range for the star who’s become extremely well known for her comedy chops, playing big personalities, and also nailing accents.

Clearly there’s a lot to cover here so get ready for a very fully episode of Collider Ladies Night! Camp explained why she once thought she’d just stick to the New York theater scene and how her first pilot season changed that dramatically, she recalled her experience auditioning for Mad Men and True Blood, and whether or not there’s interest in making more Pitch Perfect films. On top of that, get ready to hear all about Camp’s new movies including The Lovebirds which you can watch right now on Netflix, Here Awhile which is set to hit VOD on June 9th, and Desperados which is schedule to drop on Netflix on July 3rd. You can watch the full conversation in the video at the top of this article or, if you prefer, we also have a podcast embed for you below:

Anna Camp:

  • 01:33 – What movies and shows was Camp into as a kid? What shaped her taste in entertainment?
  • 03:38 – What was the performance, movie or show that made Camp say, ‘I’ve got to be an actor?’
  • 05:02 – When you’re on stage, there’s immediate connectivity with an audience. Is there anything Camp does to recreate that connectivity when on a film or television set?
  • 07:53 – What does Camp do when she’s got a co-star who isn’t giving her what she needs on set?
  • 10:33 – A seemingly silly question about the way production works that Camp wishes she had the nerve to ask earlier on in her career.
  • pitch-perfect-3-cast

    Image via Universal Pictures

    13:45 – Camp once thought she was just going to stick to theater in New York; she recalls her first pilot season and auditioning for True Blood.

  • 16:50 – Camp remembers working on Equus with Daniel Radcliffe; she’s only seen one Harry Potter movie!
  • 18:05 – There’s a lot of excitement about Camp doing accents on screen.
  • 19:08 – Camp remembers her Mad Men audition.
  • 22:50 – Camp talks about her experience working on The Office and filming Jim and Pam’s wedding.
  • 24:37 – The Pitch Perfect franchise and the friendships that formed behind the scenes; is there a chance the series could continue?
  • 28:10 – On signing on for Lovebirds; things Camp keeps in mind when deciding whether or not to take a supporting role with limited screen time.
  • 29:30 – Who did Camp turn to on the set of The Lovebirds to know if she’s going too big or not big enough?
  • 31:20 – Was there anything about the response to Lovebirds that made Camp excited that one of her next films, Desperados, is also getting a Netflix release?
  • 34:00 – Does Camp know the future of Perfect Harmony?
  • 34:40 – Camp addresses the cancelation of the Amazon series Good Girls Revolt.
  • 36:33 – Camp talks about yet another movie she’s got coming out soon called Here Awhile; what made Camp want to commit to such heavy material?
  • 40:58 – Rapid fire questions begin! Camp talks about what she collects, her biggest fear that she’s overcome, the most recent show she’s binge watched, and the movie she watches most often.