Anna Faris and Chris Evans cast in WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER?

     March 9, 2010

Anna Faris and Chris Evans cast in WHATS YOUR NUMBER.jpg

Anna Faris cannot seem to stay away from poorly-conceived romantic comedies. Faris has signed onto What’s Your Number?, a forthcoming R-rated comedy from New Regency. She will play a down-on-love woman who decides the key to finding “the one” is to revisit all her ex-boyfriends. Assisting her misguided endeavor will be a womanizing neighbor (Chris Evans). According to Variety, filming is to begin in May and will be directed by Mark Mylod (Entourage).

Though Faris gained some box-office credibility thanks to the $70.4 million worldwide gross of The House Bunny, she still has not had a film gross $100 million domestically since Scary Movie 3 in 2003. Joining the production of a film which was passed around by New Line and Sony and which has a painfully predictable plot is unlikely to snap that streak. If Evans hits the jackpot with next month’s The Losers, then there might be hope. But I would not count on it.

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