Anna Friel Exclusive Video Interview LAND OF THE LOST

     June 4, 2009

head.jpgOpening tomorrow is director Brad Silberling’s “Land of the Lost”. So to help promote the film, I recently interviewed Anna Friel as a reporter for our partner website Omelete. As most of you already know, Collider and Omelete are partners. That’s why you see both of our logos in the movie clips and video interviews.

During our interview, we talked about whether or not she was a fan of “Land of the Lost”, what did she think of the outfit she had to wear, making the movie, “Pushing Daisies”, what she has coming up and a lot more. The interview’s after the jump so take a look:

Anna Friel

  • Before the interview started we were discussing how a lot of the people were asking the same questions…so watch what I did
  • Has she ever been to Brazil
  • Was she a fan of the show as a kid
  • We talk about how the film is pretty dirty
  • Her outfit
  • Green screen talk
  • Pushing Daisies talk
  • London Boulevard and The Details talk

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