Anna Kendrick Talks 50/50, TWILIGHT, END OF WATCH, the SCOTT PILGRIM Video Game and More

     September 28, 2011

Anna Kendrick 5050 interview slice

The dramedy 50/50, directed by Jonathan Levine (The Wackness), is one of my favorite films of 2011.  Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Anjelica Huston, the film is based on screenwriter Will Reiser’s real-life battle with cancer and focuses on the twists, turns, shock, sadness, and comedic relief that he experienced along the way.

While at the Toronto Film Festival, I was able to speak with Kendrick about how she got cast in 50/50 and how she prepared for the role.  In the film, she plays a young therapist who helps Gordon-Levitt deal with his cancer.  In addition, we talked about her favorite karaoke song, the last video game she played (Scott Pilgrim), what Twilight fans always want to talk to her about (his initials are RP).  She also talks about her role opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in David Ayer’s End of Watch.  Hit the jump to watch

Finally, if you missed them, here’s my video interviews with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bryce Dallas Howard for 50/50.

Anna Kendrick

  • What’s her go to karaoke song
  • What’s the last video game she’s played (the Scott Pilgrim game)
  • Did she go after 50/50 or did it come after her
  • How did she prepare for the role
  • End of Watch talk (you can see the first images from End of Watch and read my set report here)
  • Twilight talk.  What do the fans always want to talk to her about



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