Anne Hathaway to Star in Doug Liman’s Pandemic Heist/Romcom ‘Lockdown’

     September 9, 2020


Doug Liman, a director behind such massive hits as Mr. and Mrs. Smith and such beloved cult objects as Edge of Tomorrow, is a man who likes balance. While he’s currently prepping to send Tom Cruise literally into space for a film, his next project is a little more, and I apologize in advance but this is simply the only way to phrase it, down to earth. Deadline reports that Liman will be directing Lockdown, a genre-bending low-budget film set very much in modern times, and Anne Hathaway will be the star.


Image via Universal

To send Cruise into space, I imagine you need around $18 billion. To send Hathaway into what’s being described as a heist/romcom hybrid, you only need $10 million or less. The genre-bender will take place literally during the coronavirus-fueled lockdown, and will start filming literally during the coronavirus-fueled lockdown (the end of September, unless we all start getting much luckier). The film is written by Steven Knight, who also wrote and directed the fiendishly bonkers Hathaway-starring Serenity, and if it even has half of that gonzo energy (not to mention Liman’s gonzo energy), I am all the heck in. Lockdown will be produced by Alison Winter (Liman’s American Made) and P.J. van Sandwijk (the aforementioned Cruise in Actual Space movie).

No other specific plot details or casting choices have been revealed (Deadline mentions Hathaway’s Dark Knight Rises co-star Cillian Murphy briefly, before alluding that that probably won’t actually happen), but there’s enough buzzing around this project to keep me interested. I love heist flicks, especially when there’s an element of romance, I think Hathaway is one of our great actors, and Liman’s eclecticism intrigues me. Combine all of this with the coronavirus lockdown of it all and, well, Lockdown is gonna be something, alright.

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