This Week in Animation News: Annie Awards Nominations Include ‘Zootopia’ and ‘Kubo’

     December 3, 2016


Along with Francisco Gonzalez’s excellent weekly news recaps–This Week in Superhero News and This Week in Movie Trailers–we’re happy to provide you with This Week in Animation News to get you caught up on all things animated you might have missed over the past seven days. We’re talking movies, TV shows, digital shorts, and everything in between!

It’s awards season, and even though live-action movies and TV shows tend to get the bulk of the spotlight, there’s plenty of attention paid to animated efforts if you know where to look. A great way to get caught up on the year in animation is to check out the 2016 Annie Awards nominations, which we’ve linked for you below. And although it’s not exactly an official ranking, Matt Goldberg took it upon himself to rank Disney Animation’s Oscar-winning songs, just for fun.

transformers-combiner-wars-posterElsewhere in the news cycle, the Transformers‘ “Prime Wars Trilogy” will get two concluding chapters on Machinima, Hulu will get The Powerpuff Girls in the series/reboot’s entirety, and Mondo is teaming up with Nickelodeon for some epic, nostalgia-fueled posters. On the review front, however, the new Netflix animated series Pacific Heat got a cold shoulder from our reviewer, Chris Cabin; check out his thoughts at the link provided below.

For the latest animation stories we’ve already covered on the site this week, take a look at the following links. Then, check out a selection of new stories below. Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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