Another New Image From TRON LEGACY – Image 4 of 5

     March 4, 2010


Disney has released another new image from Tron Legacy on their Facebook page for the movie.  They’re releasing a new image everyday this week to raise awareness for the first trailer that’s attached to prints of Alice in Wonderland this weekend. As I reported Saturday, I saw the trailer in IMAX 3D and it’s amazing.  The only problem is, when most people watch it, it’ll be online and not in 3D.  Trust me when I tell you…the visuals in Tron Legacy are insane and when you see the film later this year in IMAX 3D, you’ll love it.  It’s this year’s Avatar.

Hit the jump to check out the new image and be sure to check back tomorrow for the last one.

Tron_Legacy_movie_image (10).jpg



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