Another SPIDER-MAN 4 Casting Rumor – Anne Hathaway Approached to Play Black Cat?

     November 18, 2009


As Spider-Man 4 prepares to spin into production, we should expect a lot more casting rumors before we start hearing casting news.  In the past week, we’ve already heard Rachel McAdams and Julia Stiles possibly being in the film.  Fans are assuming that these women (or any attractive actress with a recognizable name and certain body type) will play the part of Spider-Man love-interest and anti-hero Black Cat.  Now Anne Hathaway’s name has popped up in connection with the film.  Hit the jump for more details and why so many popular actresses want to dye their hair white and put on black leather spandex.

spider-man_black_cat_mary_jane_comic_book_cover.jpgDeadline reports that Anne Hathaway has been approached by producers to play a leading female role.  However, she would not be replacing Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane (unfortunately).  Please note that Finke did not say the role was Black Cat.  That’s the assumption we’re making and also hoping for because Black Cat is a good character and we have yet to see her in this series.

When asked about these rumors, actresses will deny it and so will the studio and anyone else involved in Spider-Man 4‘s production.  They’ll deny it because once you confirm the rumor, then you ruin the announcement.  Granted, as more names are connected to the role (and in all likelihood there will be more names), the more strength the announcement has even though we’ve heard the name before.  And actresses want this role.  If they’re staying true to the Black Cat of the comics, then there’s an opportunity to be flirty, funny, sexy, AND kick some ass.  Furthermore, they would be in a movie that’s 99% guaranteed to be a box office smash and that helps any actor.

We’ll keep on reporting these rumors because while they are just rumors, they all have a hint of truth and when a site like Deadline, which has been highly reliable in the past when it comes to Marvel movies, you know it’s not just a fanboy fabrication.

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