‘Ant-Man’: Blu-Ray Special Feature Clip Explains Hero’s Link to The Avengers

     November 17, 2015


December 8th marks the release of Ant-Man on DVD and Blu-ray, and along with a damn good movie, the package offers a few special features that explain the making of Peyton Reed‘s minor miracle and the origins of Paul Rudd‘s character. Among the plethora of materials, there’s a behind-the-scenes look at the making, and narrative importance, of that actually really excellent scene between Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and the titular hero. As Mackie explains in the clip, the basis of having Falcon involved with the Ant-Man narrative, which would count as one of the few instances when a cross-over actually worked in the overall story, is to set-up Ant-Man’s involvement with The Avengers, which is crucial in the comics and will come into play in future sequels to The Avengers and Captain America. Check out the brief special feature clip below:

It’s nice that the bit also touches, even if only for a second, on the technical shooting of the Falcon scene, which not only showcases Mackie’s considerable physical abilities as a performers but also the careful, smart shooting of such an entertaining scene. As for Ant-Man’s connection to The Avengers, it’s the first time I’ve actually been happy to hear that a new character is being added to the bloated insanity of the flagship Marvel property, as Rudd’s general disposition will hopefully break through the sheer tonnage of exposition and backstory that those films are terminally weighed down by.


Image via Marvel

It would also be interesting to see how fight scenes as visually dynamic as the one between Ant-Man and Falcon might come into play on a bigger canvas such as The Avengers third chapeter or Captain America: Civil War. Regardless, it’s heartening to see that Rudd’s character is now of a certain measure of importance to the overall story of the MCU, and that the minor characters are getting as much attention in the whole mishigas as the big green guy and the hammer-tossing God.


Image via Marvel Studios

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