ANT-MAN Rumors: Origin Story, Character Costume, and Film’s Villain Possibly Revealed

     June 19, 2014


It will always be tough to get excited about Ant-Man again.  I don’t necessarily mind Peyton Reed directing and Adam McKay contributing to the script.  I think they’re both talented.  In some ways, Reed and McKay are an exciting team-up, and if they were working together on any other movie, it would probably pique my interest.  But the specter of Edgar Wright‘s vision will always leave a “What if?” over the entire production.  However, we have to live in the now, and now we’re wondering what Ant-Man will be.

Hit the jump for Ant-Man rumors about the hero’s origin, his costume, and the film’s villain.  The film stars Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Michael Peña, Patrick Wilson, Evangeline Lilly, and Corey StollAnt-Man opens July 17, 2015.  [Minor Spoilers Ahead]

ant-man-comicsAccording to JoBlo, the movie keeps Scott Lang’s (Rudd) origin story basically intact where he’s a thief and a single dad who breaks into Hank Pym’s (Douglas) apartment, and steals the Ant-Man suit.  Pretty straightforward stuff, and while there were rumors about Marvel having issues with the “core morality” of Wright’s vision, I’d be stunned to find out it had anything to do with Lang simply being a thief.  Consider that audiences still go for heist movies, and when it comes to Marvel heroes, let’s look at some origins: Iron Man starts out as a weapons manufacturer, Thor goes to pick a fight with another race, and Black Widow is an assassin.  Not everyone starts out as good as Captain America.

Moving on to the villain, it’s rumored that Darren Cross will be the baddie.  In the comics, Cross runs Cross Technological Enterprises, a competitor against Stark Industries and Oscorp.  As a side note, Cross’ cousin is the villain, Crossfire.  JoBlo doesn’t know if Patrick Wilson or Corey Stoll will play Cross, but the character is set to have a suit similar to Ant-Man’s, “but more military style, yellow and black in color, and with a tendril-looking apparatus coming off it’s back (like with Agent Venom).”  JoBlo also notes that in the comics, Cross looks like a pink Hulk, “so there may well be some merging of attributes from other characters for this role or multiple villains at that (Yellowjacket, perhaps?).”

darren-cross-marvel-comicsAs for Ant-Man’s outfit, it will be fairly elaborate and borrow the open-and-close style of Iron Man’s helmet with the glowing piping of TRON (a look that’s also being incorporated into Black Widow’s costume for Avengers: Age of Ultron).  Additionally, “it’s said to be a much more complex and futuristic suit than we’ve seen so far.”

Finally, the helmet, in which the eyes glow red when the helmet is closed, will stay true to the comics by being able to let the wearer communicate with ants.  Ants (the insect) “are the main ally and superpower” and “is said to be a special element to the overall story.”  If true, that seems to indicate that Ant-Man’s ability to shrink and grow will be geared more towards set pieces than the plot.  But will Reed be able to come up with anything as cool as the test footage we saw from Wright?



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