Anthony Hopkins on THOR and Confirms Involvement in Fernando Meirelles 360

     January 12, 2011


With Warner Bros. The Rite arriving in a few weeks, the studio held a press day for the film this morning.  With Anthony Hopkins starring in the film, I was able to ask him (in a roundtable interview) about his work on Kenneth Branagh’s Thor and Fernando Meirelles next movie 360. For those not familiar with 360, the “project is based on the 1900 play Reigen that inspired French drama La Ronde and has provided the dramatic structure for scores of plays and films.”  Screenwriter Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon) is handling the script.

While neither update is major, if you’d like to hear what he said about both projects, hit the jump.

thor_odin_loki_chris_hemsworth_anthony_hopkins_tom_hiddleston_image.jpgQuestion:  You mentioned Thor.  Based on the footage and what I’ve seen, it seems very Shakespearian.  Did you notice that?

Hopkins: Well, it’s a big movie.  Branagh is extraordinary…how he directed that and put that together I don’t know.  Well it’s about Gods so you have to do a little bit of Shakespeare to play a God.

Did you read any of the comics?

Hopkins: No.

How did you get yourself ready to play Odin as he’s such a big character in the Marvel universe?

Hopkins: I saw the sets.  I saw the designs and what I was going to wear and I went to the studio down in Manhattan beach and saw what they were going to put on me and all that.  So when they dressed me up I thought, well, I’m a God now.  It was a bit difficult to move around because they had steep steps…that was quite tiring as it’s about twenty or thirty pounds that you’re carrying around with you all day.  And you can’t really take much of a rest.  So you just come on set, and it’s a huge set, and you’re in armor and the camera is pointing and you’re a God.

What are you circling right now or thinking about doing in the future?

Hopkins: Well, I’m doing a film called 360 with [Fernando] Meirelles and Rachel Weisz.  Also, there may be a film with Dustin Hoffman coming up but I’m not sure.

For our previous coverage on both projects, click the links Thor and 360.  And look for the full interview with Hopkins the week of release.

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