Anthony Hopkins Is Joining the ‘Transformers’ Universe

     June 3, 2016


Will wonders never cease? Sir Anthony Hopkins is now the latest addition to the multi-billion-dollar Transformers franchise. Yes, a bona-fide Oscar-winning actor will now star alongside the likes of Optimus Prime, Megatron, and company. There’s little information available as to who he’ll be playing or which side of the fight he’ll be on; we don’t even know if he’ll be voicing a robot in disguise or playing a human character.

Previous installments of the Transformers franchise have seen Oscar-nominee Stanley Tucci, three-time Golden Globe-winner Kelsey Grammer, twice Oscar-nominated actor Mark Wahlberg, and Oscar-winner Jon Voight. And with the exception of the last film, the other three Transformers movies have all vied for Oscars, though for sound editing/mixing, and visual effects. With the addition of Hopkins, will Transformers: The Last Knight be a possible contender for a more mainstream Oscar? No, not even close, but hey, it’s fun to think about!

Here’s how the news was announced today:

It’s possible that Hopkins might be tied into a teaser Tweet from the Transformers Twitter account that may have revealed a new character in the series.

Is Goldbug coming to the big screen, and will Hopkins be providing the voice? We’ll find out in due time since production on the new film starts this month.

Hopkins, meanwhile, will have to share the screen and spotlight with another recent addition to Transformers:

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