Anton Yelchin talks STAR TREK – Exclusive Video Interview

     August 29, 2007

I just got back from attending the “Fierce People” press day and while the video interviews will be going up in their entirety next week, since I got Anton Yelchin – the new Pavel Chekov – to talk about being in the new “Star Trek” movie, I figured you’d want to hear what he said immediately.

And while he didn’t say anything that most of us didn’t know, he did confirm that Chekov is the youngest of the crew and that the rest of the characters would be in their 20’s and 30’s.

As a huge fan of J.J. Abrams, I cannot wait to see his reboot of the “Star Trek” universe. And since this was a video interview, you can either read the transcript below or watch the 1 minute clip.

Look for the full interview next week. “Star Trek” begins shooting this October, with a release date of December 25, 2008.

Question: So what about Star Trek?

Anton Yelchin: Really there’s not much to say, actually. I met with J.J. and I read on tape and I’m going to work on it I guess in October. It’s sort of like…I know very little about the project.

Diane Lane: Why Chekov?

Anton: I don’t know, I guess..

Diane Lane: Is it the Russian connection?

Anton: I don’t know what it is. I think he’s the youngest one out of all the whole crew. They’re all in their 20’s or 30’s or whatever and he’s the young…I guess too I can do a Russian, familiar with Russian people. Very, very familiar. So, it’s cool. I’m really looking forward to working on it. J.J. is such a great person to meet and spend sometime with and talk to. I really look forward to it.

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