Anya Taylor-Joy & Johnny Flynn Talk ‘Emma,’ ‘The New Mutants’ and “Cosmic” Collaborations

     February 20, 2020

Looking for a film with an ensemble full of accomplished talent who are still on the rise? Emma is a must-see. Anya Taylor-Joy leads the Jane Austen adaptation as the title character, Emma Woodhouse. She’s a wealthy 21-year-old living the good life in the English village of Highbury, but eventually, Emma finds herself challenged in the field of matchmaking while also realizing that she’s made some romantic mistakes of her own.

Yes, we’ve seen the acclaimed 1996 film Emma starring Gwyneth Paltrow and the iconic high school romcom Clueless amongst others, but this latest adaptation of Austen’s 1815 novel is still well worth your while. It’s a downright vibrant romp with biting humor and an A+ ensemble, marking one heck of a feature directorial debut for photographer and music video director Autumn de Wilde. Given the crop of new wide releases we’re getting this weekend, you might be on the hunt for something worth the price of admission and regardless of the amount of competition out there, Emma is worth it. 


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The movie is already out in the UK but with it hitting theaters in the US on February 21st, I got the chance to sit down with Taylor-Joy and Johnny Flynn who plays Mr. Knightley in the film. We discussed the cosmic energy that proved to Taylor-Joy that de Wilde would be an excellent collaborator, what it was like for Flynn to write an original song for the movie and the lines of dialogue that tripped them up most. On top of that, Flynn also revealed his plan for his next album and Taylor-Joy told us how she’s feeling about The New Mutants with the film’s April 3rd release coming up soon. You can check it all out for yourself in the video interview at the top of this article!

Anya Taylor-Joy & Johnny Flynn:

  • 00:04 – Working with director Autumn de Wilde on her feature directorial debut.
  • 01:03 – Taylor-Joy on being a “cosmic person” and immediately knowing working with de Wilde was a perfect fit.
  • 01:47 – Taylor-Joy on her real-life friendship with Mia Goth and bringing that to Emma.
  • 02:24 – Flynn weighs in on the score and writing an original song for the movie.
  • 02:50 – The rhythm of Emma is key; do they feel that on set or is that something that comes together in the edit?
  • 03:53 – Did any of the dialogue trip them up?
  • 05:14 – Flynn on his music and if we’ll get a new album soon,

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