‘Apex Legends’ Season 6 Is Live! What Does New Character Rampart Bring to the Game?

     August 19, 2020

Dorian Parks shows plays as the newest character in #ApexLegends! Meet #Rampart

Season 6 of EA’s Apex Legends is now live! And with it comes a new character — Rampart — plus the introduction of Crafting, details on the new Battle Pass, and a new season of Ranked Leagues. But with a new season comes new patch notes as well, which include some of the following:

  • World’s Edge map update: “Hammond Robotics continues to take over World’s Edge. They’re up to… something… nefarious. They have taken steps to “upgrade” World’s Edge with changes to The Dome, Drill site, and other Points of Interests.”
  • The new weapon, the Volt SMG: “The first energy-based SMG to see regular use in the Frontier, the Volt allows its operator to fire a salvo of energy-based ammunition, decreasing drag and making it possible to hit multiple targets within a short window.”
  • A revamped Armor system
  • The introduction of Holo Sprays: “Holo sprays are a new way to emote in the arena. By using the Emote wheel, you can throw down these legend specific calling cards to taunt bested enemies, or warn future challengers that you’re not to be messed with.”

And more! You can get a full rundown of the Season 6 patch notes over at EA’s Apex Legends page.

Here’s a look at the “Boosted” gameplay trailer, followed by more from Season 6:

Apex Legends Season 6 – Boosted introduces a new Legend: Rampart, new weapon, fresh Battle Pass, Ranked and more! http://x.ea.com/64060


Build your rep in Apex Legends Season 6 – Boosted. New Legend Rampart has arrived to upgrade the competition. Unearth a new way to grab better gear with the new Crafting system. Ready to charge into battle? Get amped for the new Volt energy SMG. The leaves are falling and the rockets are rising on World’s Edge — explore a revamped map and use the new Blast Walls to your advantage. Grab the new Battle Pass to instantly access exclusive items like the Legendary Sentinel Rollcage skin and three new Rare Legends skins. Then battle through Daily and Weekly Challenges to earn unique rewards like the new Holo-Sprays, Apex Packs, XP Boosts, and skins. If you’re up for a true test of skill, hone your craft in Season 6 Ranked. Get out there and show the Outlands what you’re made of!


Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin for PC.


Learn more about Apex Legends Season 6 – Boosted: http://x.ea.com/64060

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