‘Apex Legends’ Is Coming to Switch and Steam With Crossplay, So You Can Lose to Even More People

     June 18, 2020


The squad-based Battle Royale game Apex Legends is coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam later this year, along with cross-platform support between console and PC players. This is great news for me, a guy who has never won a single match of Apex Legends, because it means that the pool of players who will absolutely kick the shit out of me will soon be bigger than ever before.


Image via Electronic Arts

The announcement was made during EA’s Play Live stream, which showed off a slew of new content for their existing library of games as well as teasing some brand new titles, including a new game from the creator of A Way Out titled It Takes Two and a bizarre platformer called Lost in Random. In addition to the upcoming Switch and Steam ports, Apex Legends players will be getting more content when the Lost Treasures in-game event begins next Tuesday, June 23. The event features a new storyline, some limited-time cosmetics, the return of the popular Armed and Dangerous mode, and a new item called the Mobile Respawn, which does exactly what it sounds like it does.

Crossplay is one of the most-requested features in multiplayer games, and EA has been steadily adding it to its games. Sony has been a notorious holdout in the past, but according to EA, crossplay will indeed be available on the PlayStation 4 version of Apex Legends. EA didn’t indicate exactly when the feature would be implemented, or when the Switch and Steam versions of Apex Legends would be available, but did say that it will all be available sometime this fall.

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