Apple Announces Apple One Tiered Subscription Bundles

     September 15, 2020


Subscriptions are a great business move if your major company. Rather than a one-time exchange of money for goods and/or services, a subscription keeps you on the hook indefinitely. And if the subscription isn’t too costly on its own, it may seem like a good deal. I pay $5 a month for my brother and I to have access to Apple Arcade, but Arcade hasn’t had a game that’s grabbed me since Grindstone and What the Golf? earlier this year. But perhaps that can be a better deal if I bundle it with the new Apple One subscriptions.

Today Apple announced a series of “Apple One” bundles that will launch later this year. Here’s how they break down:

  • The Individual Plan – $14.95/month gets you AppleTV+ ($4.99/month on its own), Apple Music ($9.99), Apple Arcade ($4.99), and 50GB of iCloud storage ($0.99)
  • The Family Plan: $19.99/month gets you AppleTV+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and 200GB of iCloud Storage ($2.99/month) for up to six members to share the services.
  • The Premiere Plan: $29.95/month gets you AppleTV+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, 2TB of iCloud Storage, Apple News Plus ($9.99), and the new Apple Fitness ($9.99/month or $79.99/year) program for up to six members.

The bundling doesn’t look like a bad deal, but I’m still wary of whether or not the content is there. Like I said, Apple Arcade hasn’t floored me with its exclusives. Apple Music seems extraneous when I’m already attached to Spotify. AppleTV+ has some alright programming now, but not enough to warrant a monthly subscription. Apple News Plus seems fine, but not as essential as just shelling out money for a New York Times or Washington Post subscription. I’m intrigued by Apple Fitness, but it seems like I’d be paying an extra $20/month for stuff I don’t need to get to the app that might be good.

If you think having this much Apple in your life is worth it, then these bundles are a good idea, but personally, I’m not sold enough on the individual services to warrant a group subscription.

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