Aquaman Explained: Who Is This Hero and What Does He Do?

     November 13, 2017


Arthur Curry. King of Atlantis. The Aquaman. Played in the upcoming Justice League film by Game of Thrones alum, Jason Momoa, the protector of the seas will see himself joining the ragtag group of superheroes as something of a stand-offish, hard drinking, Conan the Barbarian-esque figure. This of course works well for Momoa, not just because of his roots in Honolulu, Hawaii, but also because Momoa once played Conan in a revamp of the franchise a few years back. Ironically enough, Momoa himself was even a marine biology major in college for a brief period of time, foreshadowing his eventual role as “the Aquaman” in DC’s big tentpole film. But if you’re unfamiliar with the character’s origins, powers, or what in the world it is he actually does, we’re here help get you ready for Justice League. Below, we’ve run down Aquaman’s past, present and future to give you a better understanding of the life of Arthur Curry.


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