‘Aquaman’: Jason Momoa Rocks the SDCC Stage and Reveals First Footage [Updated]

     July 22, 2017

Oh, Aquaman! The belabored superhero has always been a bit of a punch line. Superman can fly; The Flash can run fast; Wonder Woman has super-strength; and Aquaman can, well, umm…talk to fish. He doesn’t quite seem to be in the same ballpark as his fellow Justice Leaguers. The bright orange swimsuit also doesn’t do him any favors.

But the DCEU has taken to rehabilitating Aquaman’s image, shedding that bright orange costume in favor of some good ol’ fashioned bare muscle (courtesy of Jason Momoa). It’s perhaps no coincidence that if you lined up all the Justice League actors (Affleck, Cavill, Gadot, Miller, Fisher & Momoa) and then asked me who I wanted to fight the least, I wouldn’t hesitate for even a half-second before pointing at Momoa. In fact – I promise to never make any Aquaman-related joke or pun for the rest of my life. You win, Aquaman! Please don’t stab me with a trident or sick a thousand barracuda on me.


Image via Warner Bros.

At the Comic Con Panel for Aquaman, Jason Momoa previewed some exclusive new footage from the upcoming superhero flick. Below are bullet point highlights from the footage and panel.

  • Jason Momoa comes out to heavy rock music, running down the Hall H floor with trident in hand and then starts jamming on his trident like a guitar.
  • Momoa introduces a special message from director James Wan. Wan says he’s super excited for people to see the film. Reveals it’s an origin story. We see concept art of Atlantis.  Looks bright and fun. Wan describes the movie as a “fun adventure and romance on the big screen.”
  • Wan then intros some brand new footage. We open on a boat – a French fisherman thinks he’s caught a big fish. Of course, he didn’t. The boat is thrust forward, as whatever he’s caught forces the boat to follow. We then see what the fisherman hooked: a ship, part of an underwater militia. Heck, we even see people riding sharks. Clip ends on Aquaman looking forward at an unseen enemy: “I suppose you want to talk about this?” He then unsheathes his sword: “Neither do I.”  The footage looks like a lot of fun – Wan seems to have applied his Fast and Furious skills to building up these set pieces. I’m in!
  • Update: Momoa added that it’s the Ocean’s Master’s army that was previewed in the footage. He also says he’ll be fighting his brother in Aquaman.

Aquaman opens in theaters everywhere December 21st, 2018.

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