Extended ‘Aquaman’ Footage Teases a Surf and Turf Epic at SDCC

     July 21, 2018


As always, Warner Bros. went all out with Saturday Hall H presentation at San Diego Comic-Con and they even wound up doing double duty for the Aquaman panel, revealing the first trailer for the James Wan superhero epic and closing out the event with an extended look at more footage that promised epic underwater battles, trips through the fluorescent wonderland of Atlantis, and a superpowered rooftop chase scene.

The footage begins with a slow-zoom into a snow globe, where Aquaman’s parents canoodle on the gallery. “My parents were from different worlds,” Jason Momoa narrates as Arthur Curry, “and I was a product of a love that should have never been; a son of the land and a son of the sea.” Arthur
is, of course, the son of Queen Atlanna of Atlantis, and regular-joe Thomas Curry (Temuera Morrison), who fell in love. We glimpse their romance, see a pregnant Atlanna in bed, but ultimately she has to leave (exact reason TBD).


Image via Warner Bros.

The action cuts to a plan flying over the Sahara desert, where Arthur his begrudgingly hiking along with Mera (Amber Heard). “There’s no way Atlantans were this far inland,” Arthur moans as he trudged along a sandy dune. But they were, and the next cut reveals an ancient, dilapidated temple. “This is badass!” Arthur exclaims as they stroll into the the expansive, dusty chamber. “It’s real,” Mera whispers in awe. Mara takes out some kind of canister and places it into a mysterious apparatus. Nothing happens. Mara walks up to Arthur and starts using her powers to extract sweat from his head. “We need water,” she tells him and he’s the only source for miles.

Mera plunks the little droplet of sweat on the device and suddenly the machine whirs into action, blue lights flooding through as the gears start to turn. The two share a relieved chuckle and Arthur quips, “Show off. We could have just peed on it.” A hologram of an old Atlantan king pops up, intoning, “In this trident resides the power of Atlantis.” He continued, “If you seek my power, journey to the edge of the world and the hidden sea. In the wrong hands, it would bring destruction, but in the hands of a true heir, it would unite the kingdoms above and below.”

Having got the information she came for, Mera smashes the device and Arthur cries out in surprise. “Shouldn’t we have written it down first?” Mera’s not worried. “I memorized it, didn’t you?” She replied and when she asks Arthur to repeat what they just heard, he stammers “Something, something trident.”


Image via Warner Bros.

The scene transitions to a new location, and we hear Orm give a foreboding warning, “The beast has awakened. The time has come for Atlantis to rise again.” Suddenly, a blast knocks Arthur and Mara off their track and Black Manta struts into action. He fires at Arthur, blowing him back, and Mara takes off. Manta smashes through walls to get to her and Mera sprints along the rooftops, a little Parkour-lite action, while she’s dodging lasers. There’s a pretty cool shot where the camera pulls back across multiple buildings through a bell tower, where we find Arthur dodging lasers of his own. Mara almost gets taken down, smashing through a roof into the building below. After the fall, we hear Arthur offer one of his signature bro-clamations: “That was awesome!”

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