ARCHER Season 5 Promo Goes into the Danger Zone with TOP GUN Parody Video

     October 10, 2013


Archer is such a terrific show.  It’s a wonderful blend of parody, esoteric references, foul-mouthed language, and bizarre comedy.  The show will return for its fifth season this January, and they’ve finally released a promo taking advantage of one of the show’s running gags.  For those who don’t watch, characters—mostly Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin)—will occasionally exclaim “Danger Zone!” in the tone of the theme song from Top Gun.  A new promo for Season 5 is a parody of the Kenny Loggins music video, and it’s a funny as you’d think it would be.

Hit the jump to check out the video.

For comparison, here’s the Kenny Loggins music video [via Vulture]:

"Danger Zone" Kenny Loggins by Garglouik



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