‘Archer: 1999’ Trailer Takes the Animated Series into Sci-Fi Territory

     April 15, 2019

FXX has released the first trailer for Archer Season 10, which is titled Archer: 1999 and moves the animated show firmly into science-fiction territory. The Alien-influenced new season finds everyone’s favorite detective crew aboard a spacecraft, interacting with aliens and getting into all kinds of new shenanigans.

This anthology-like approach to the series began with Archer: Dreamland, which put the viewer inside Archer’s head as he was laid up in a coma. Subsequent seasons, including last year’s Danger Island and this year’s Archer: 1999, still take place inside Archer’s head, and thus the manifestations of the characters are how Archer perceives them. That allows the writers to have fun with new settings and premises while maintaining the character dynamic that makes Archer so special.

Another curious tidbit regarding Archer Season 10 is that, as of last summer, this will be the final season of the show for creator Adam Reed who announced his intention to step away after Archer: 1999. Whether that sticks or not is anyone’s guess, but it’s a testament to his talent and knack for character that the show has remained compelling and fun this long.

For now, check out the Archer Season 10 trailer below. The series returns May 29th on FXX.