‘Archer’ Star Amber Nash on the Season 10 Finale & Where Season 11 Will Take Pam

     August 1, 2019

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the Season 10 finale of Archer on FXX.

The hit animated series Archer just wrapped up its tenth season in a big way. This season, officially titled Archer: 1999, was the latest foray into a specific genre for the formerly spy-focused series. Creator Adam Reed and the creative team put the title spy into a coma back in the Season 7 finale, but the stories didn’t stop there. The successive seasons saw Archer & Co. taking trips to the noir-y “Dreamland”, the adventurous “Danger Island”, and, most recently, the sci-fi space-based “Archer: 1999.” Season 10 brought us an android Krieger, an alien rock-monster Pam, and a sentient energy bot Malory/Mother (in addition to TV’s Michael Gray and a Woodhouse cameo), but it also brought us an end to Archer’s coma and his imaginative genre-skewed adventures.

But don’t worry, fans; there’s going to be a Season 11. And here with some special insider insight is everyone’s favorite HR director/fight club aficionado/alien rock-monster, Pam Poovey herself, Amber Nash. I had a chance to chat with the acclaimed actress to talk about the show, the events of Season 10, the evolution of Pam’s character, and what’s to come in Season 11. And again, a spoiler reminder: You’re about to enter the Danger Zone!

You can also take a listen to the full interview here:


Image via FXX

Collider: How’s it been for you then over the years getting to see your character not only transform and become increasingly insane and crazy in all the best possible ways, but to see the fans respond to that?

Amber Nash: It’s been insane. It’s so crazy and wonderful because I really do love my character. And I’m biased of course. But I do think she is the best character on the show and it’s been fun to watch her kind of come into her own. I think in the beginning she was very much just the secondary character that they just pulled her in when they needed her. And now she’s a fully formed person, for lack of a better term. And she has all different kinds of skills and she’s become kind of a body positive, sex positive animated icon.

Which is so fun and crazy. I tell people all the time that I’m proud of Pam. Which is so weird to say, but it’s really been amazing to watch her grow and to watch the fans reactions to her. And people are always like, “Oh my girlfriend’s just like Pam.” Or like, “Pam is my spirit animal.” And so many people have tattoos of Pam. And it’s just really been wonderful. I’m so happy that she’s such a great character and I’m so lucky that I get to be the voice of that character.

Absolutely. One thing I love about Pam is that all the other characters, they’re all very well written and lived-in after all these years, but Pam feels a little freer. It’s almost like they can turn her into an alien rock monster for this season and it’s kind of just like, “Yeah, that makes sense.”

Nash: Yeah. It’s like she really can almost fit into any mold. Which is crazy. But yeah, I agree with you. She’s definitely a little bit more… she’s not as static. Because even Krieger was Crackers as the bird last season. But Lana’s always Lana because she needs to be, you know? And Archer’s always Archer. So it is really fun to be one of those … that’s one of the great things about not being one of the main characters is that you have the freedom to… your characters get to do the fun stuff.


Image via FXX

Definitely. You had a recent interview with Newsweek that talked about the evolution of your character. I think it’s probably safe to say that this version is the most insane that we’ve seen so far. But what’s your take on this particular iteration of Pam?

Nash: Yeah, I think that every season they are the same people and the biggest assholes to each other that they always are. One of the things that’s really fun about it. And then Pam being the rock monster has just been … they told me when they were creating her that she was going to be the size of a dump truck compared to everybody else. And she was pretty big last season too. She was really muscular and stacked last season. So I was super excited to see what she looked like.

And the funny thing is Chad Hurd, who is one of the artists on the show at Floyd County, and he just tweeted a couple of days ago one of the first iterations of what they were trying to make Pam look like. And they went back and forth with the network and were trying to get approval of what they exactly wanted the Pam rock monster to be. And it’s so funny looking because it’s kind of dopey looking, this is one of the early ones, and it was really funny to see how dopey they started. And now, the finishing Pam is so strong and crazy. But she’s got the same heart, which I think is great because then you can click right back into that character immediately and you’re like, “Oh yeah I know this person. Sure, I look a little bit different. But I totally … I know who she is. I know how she’s going to react to stuff.” You know?