ARCHER Season 6 Trailer Gets the Band Back Together

     November 3, 2014


FX has released the first Archer Season 6 trailer online, and it appears that things are getting back to normal after last year’s “Archer Vice” season.  I enjoyed the ambitiousness of having the Archer team on the run throughout the entirety of Season 5, but I think it’s an idea that worked better in theory than in practice.  That’s not to say it wasn’t a worthwhile effort, and the mansion stuff was particularly fun, but it’s nice to see the group coming back together at headquarters in this first look at Season 6.  Speaking of which, it has been confirmed that the show will indeed be changing the name of the spy company ISIS due to its unfortunate connection to the terrorist group.

Watch the Archer Season 6 trailer after the jump.  The show returns to FX in January.

Archer-Season-5 3


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