Are Jonah Hill, Michelle Rodriguez, and Robert De Niro Gonna Slice It Up with Danny Trejo in Robert Rodriguez’s MACHETE?

     July 16, 2009


Bloody-Disgusting may have landed a major scoop today by getting a tip that Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming film “Machete” starring Danny Trejo may also feature Jonah Hill, Michelle Rodriguez, and Robert De Niro who, in a rare move, may be in a film people actually want to see.  Hit the jump to find out what roles they’ll be playing and when filming is reportedly scheduled to commence.

While Trejo will obviously return as the titular “Machete”, a man hell-bent on revenge, Jonah Hill is to play “Julio” (he doesn’t look like a “Julio”, but okay) and Michelle Rodriguez as “Luz”, and De Niro as “Senator McLaughlin” and the target of Machete’s vengeance.  Of course, this all remains in the rumor mill for now but Hill can look forward to getting asked about it fifty-million times this weekend at the “Funny People” junket.

Also according to BD, Rodriguez will co-direct with Ethan Maniquis and filming is set to begin on July 29th.

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