Are Ridley and Tony Scott Interested in Running MGM?

     April 8, 2010


Directors/Producers/Brothers Ridley and Tony Scott are reportedly interested in taking the reins at financially troubled MGM.  According to the Financial Times [via Deadline], the brothers may take the reins at the company, which is currently $3.7 billion in debt, but also owns high-value properties The Hobbit and the James Bond franchise.

The Scott Brothers already have their own production company, Scott Free, and it’s currently unclear if that would be folded into MGM or if the brothers are looking for a stake in a recapitalized studio.  It would be interesting to see such high-profile directors taking over a prolific studio, but I can’t help but wonder how they could manage a struggling company along with their directing and producing duties.  My guess is that if the Scotts come on board, it will be as stakeholders and they’ll hand over the day-to-day business to a yet-to-be-named chief executive officer.


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