Armie Hammer Offers Details on Clint Eastwood’s J. EDGAR

     January 7, 2011


While the filmmakers and cast of The Social Network are making the obligatory pre-Oscar press rounds right now, it’s prime time to get some info on their upcoming projects. Armie Hammer has done just that, as he recently offered up some details on Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar Hoover biopic J. Edgar. Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly attached to play the title character, with Hammer taking on the role of Hoover’s lover and confidant Clyde Toulson. Apparently the film will span a number of years, with Hammer and DiCaprio donning old-age makeup. Hammer had this to say:

I’m playing Toulson up to his elderly age! Makeup stuff comes within the next couple weeks. We’re definitely doing a lot of wardrobe stuff right now, but the makeup stuff we haven’t done yet.

For more details on the Dustin Lance Black (Milk)-scripted film, including plot points and who Judi Dench is playing, hit the jump.

A couple weeks ago, we told you that Judi Dench had joined the cast in an unspecified role. In speaking with Vulture, Hammer confirmed her addition to the cast and said that she’ll be playing Hoover’s mother. “Really perfect,” Hammer said of her casting.

Apparently, the story mainly follows Hoover and Toulson as young men, but several flash forwards will be scattered throughout the film that show the two as old men in their seventies.  While initially only colleagues, Hoover and Toulson will share an onscreen kiss following an altercation, which then leads to Hoover bringing Toulson in as the FBI director’s right-hand man.

Personally, I’m very much excited to see what Eastwood does with this material. The talent involved is incredible: screenwriter Lance Black won the Oscar for his screenplay for Milk, DiCaprio is one of the greatest actors of his generation, and Hammer showed unbelievable promise in The Social Network. Charlize Theron has also reportedly been offered the role of Hoover’s secretary. Production on J. Edgar is set to begin next month, and with the fast pace at which Eastwood works, it’s feasible that the film could hit theaters by the end of this year.

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