Armie Hammer Talks LONE RANGER, the Supernatural/Werewolves Rumors, How He Can’t Escape Being Asked About JUSTICE LEAGUE, and More

     April 17, 2013


Earlier today at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Walt Disney unveiled about twenty minutes of director Gore Verbinski‘s The Lone Ranger.  Since I was on the red carpet waiting for the cast and filmmakers, I missed the screening.  But talking to a few people that did see the footage, the consensus I heard was that it looked great and it was a lot better than all of them expected.  If you want to judge some of the movie for yourself…watch the brand new trailer that was released earlier today.

Shortly after walking off the stage, I landed a red carpet interview with Armie Hammer.  We talked about what he went through trying to land the role, how much the script changed along the way and the supernatural/werewolves rumors, filming the train sequence practically, how he can’t escape being asked about Justice League, and he reveals that he’s about to sign a contract for a new movie role.  Hit the jump to watch.

johnny-depp-armie-hammer-the-lone-rangerAnd if you missed my video interview with producer Jerry Bruckheimer, click here.  We talked about Bad Boys 3, Lone Ranger, Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and National Treasure 3.

Armie Hammer:
  • :10 Hammer goofs around with the microphone
  • :26 Talks about how he can’t escape being asked about Justice League.
  • :56 How he went about trying to land the titular role in Lone Ranger.
  • 1:31 Did much of the script changed along the way? Says if the supernatural/werewolves rumors are true, the script changed a lot.
  • 2:00 Talks about filming the train sequences practically.
  • 2:31 What’s coming up with him in the future? Hints that he’s signing a contract for something tomorrow.


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