‘Army of One’ Trailer: Nicolas Cage Hunts Osama Bin Laden in Larry Charles’ Latest

     October 10, 2016


Every year, more and more movies get released, to the point that it’s impossible for any publication short of Variety and THR that can catch all of them and review all of them weekly. There are a lot of reasons for this, including the advancement of digital filmmaking, which is a lot less expensive and has opened the door for more adaptable directors to get big ideas made for less money. The bad news is that, with approximately 50-75 genuinely good or great movies being released every year (by my count), this makes it harder to hunt down very good movies if they aren’t available digitally.


Image via Universal

I’m blaming this whole mishigas on how I’m just now learning that Larry Charles, the director behind Borat and The Dictator, directed a movie about Gary Faulkner, the man who went to Pakistan with a sword to hunt down Osama bin Laden. The movie is called Army of One and will arrive on home video on November 4th. Then there’s the other shoe that must drop: Nicolas Cage is playing Faulkner in the film, who receives his mission while having a vision of God (Russell Brand). It’s a great story for both Cage and Charles, who both have talent that could be used to great effect here, but one has to wonder if, as with The Dictator, Charles’ political outrage and cynicism will weaken the overall power of the movie. There are signs of that already in Army of One‘s trailer, which you can take a look at below, but I’m holding out hope that both director and star actually wanted to make something as funny and furious as it is memorable and moving. We’ll know better when November 4th arrives, only a few days before another political spectacle hits America.

Here’s the trailer for Army of One:

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