Arnold Schwarzenegger Japanese Commercial Compilation

     August 20, 2009


One of the things I love about Arnold Schwarzenegger is that he’s inherently silly.  He’s like a comic-book character brought to life and that’s why he worked so well playing macho tough guys.  That was his purpose in life.  There was no other path for him.  The closest day-job I could ever see Arnold working is at a Men’s Big and Tall department store.  And even then, when he came over to sell you a nice 3-piece at a good price, he might accidentally flex and his new suit would be ripped to shreds.

With that in mind, you must check out this compilation of every Japanese commercial Schwarzenegger ever did and at the time was assured that most Americans would never see them.  Oh, Internet.  You’re too good to us.  Witness the hilarity after the jump and then remember that he runs California.

Thanks to YouTube user CyberDyneSystems 101 who has carved out a good niche by compiling foreign commercials that make American actors look delightfully ridiculous.

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