Arnold Schwarzenegger Says TERMINATOR GENISYS Didn’t Need James Cameron’s Endorsement

     July 2, 2015


In theaters now is Paramount Pictures’ new sci-fi pic Terminator Genisys. Directed by Alan Taylor, the fifth entry in the franchise goes back to the very beginning, as it presents an alternate 1984 timeline while honoring the legacy of James Cameron’s first two films. While the Terminator series continued beyond Cameron’s entries, it never quite matched the quality of those films. So it was a big boon for Genisys when Cameron himself gave the new film his endorsement, saying he sees it as the true third film in the franchise.

When Collider recently spoke with Schwarzenegger at the Berlin premiere of Terminator Genisys, the actor reflected on his working relationship and friendship with Cameron, but also added that he didn’t think the Genisys marketing campaign needed to use Cameron’s endorsement. The movie’s quality speaks for itself, argues Schwarzenegger.

Check out what else Schwarzenegger had to say in the video below, in which he also recounts the conversation he had with Cameron when the filmmaker called Schwarzenegger to congratulate him on Terminator Genisys. And if you missed the cast playing “Save or Kill” with Steve in arguably the best installment of the game yet, click here.




Image via Paramount

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