Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He’ll Be Back for the Next TERMINATOR Sequel

     February 24, 2015


Spoiler alert (I guess?): Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back again. While the actor is poised to reprise arguably his most famous role in this summer’s sequelboot Terminator: Genisys, The Governator now says that this won’t just be a one-off appearance—he’s in it for the long-haul. As is the new norm, Paramount Pictures went ahead and set 2017 and 2018 release dates for Terminator 6 and Terminator 7, respectively, before we’d even seen a trailer for Genisys. At the time of the announcement, it was reported that the plan was to shoot the next two sequels back-to-back, and now Schwarzenegger reveals that he’ll be involved in this full trilogy, responding to a question from about whether he’d be filming Terminator 6 with the following:

“Yes, of course, next year”

terminator-2-arnold-schwarzeneggerNow there’s something to be said for counting one’s eggs before they hatch, and as we learned with Sony’s ambitious Spider-Man plans (remember when they dated The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4 before 2 had been released), nothing is set in stone until the box office numbers come in. Response to the marketing for Genisys hasn’t exactly been positive, and while director Alan Taylor has certainly taken an ambitious approach to this film by blending the ideas of a reboot and a sequel (it’s canon, but also involves an alternate timeline/past), we don’t yet know if that gamble will pay off. Moreover, all this planning for the next two installments has me worried we’re in for one big tease/set-up with Genisys and not a satisfying moviegoing experience on its own.

But what Schwarzenegger’s comment does tell us is that, assuming Genisys does well and justifies a sequel, the OG Terminator will continue to be involved and filming is tentatively scheduled to get underway in 2016. Will this new trilogy be worthwhile? We’ll have a much better idea when Terminator: Genisys opens in theaters on July 1st.


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