TERMINATOR GENISYS: Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Scare Fans as The Terminator

     June 18, 2015


For all his arguably bad decisions as an actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger occasionally gets things very right, and this would count as one of those times. To promote a charity contest he’e working on with Omaze.com, the erstwhile Governator took to Madame Toussad’s L.A. wax museum to pose as the wax statue of himself as the Terminator, scaring tourists and fans alike by suddenly moving while they pose for pictures. It’s an honorable tie-in with Terminator Genisys, the latest iteration of the franchise that boosted Schwarzenegger’s career in the 1980s, and the resilient musclebound star even took to the streets with his latest gag. There’s a particularly humorous sequence where he confronts a Terminator impersonator taking pictures with tourists on the Walk of Fame, and there are no words for the image of one of the world’s largest action stars holding a selfie stick.


Image via Paramount Pictures

The charity contest, which you can enter here, ends in a little under 48 hours and benefits Afterschool All-Stars, a program that helps provide healthy activities and a positive place to go after school for some 87,000 at-risk youths. The crowdfunding effort has a long list of donation-rewards packages, from moderately cool (a digital thank you card or message from Arnold) to outlandishly extravagant (an invitation to Arnold’s big poker tournament or a personal meet-and-greet on the red carpet at the Terminator Genisys L.A. premiere). The big winner will not only get flown to L.A. and put up in a 4-star hotel before attending the premiere, but they’ll also get a ride to the premiere with the man himself, as well as get interviewed with him on the red carpet and drink Schnapp’s with him at the after-party. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that this would be my 13-year-old self’s dream. Oh, who am I kidding? My 31-year-old self thinks it’s pretty awesome too.

Terminator Genisys will be released nationwide on July 1st. Watch the video of Arnold scaring tourists below:


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