ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT: 17 New Episodes Coming, According to Brian Grazer

     April 7, 2015


The Bluths are coming back! After the mixed critical reaction to Arrested Development‘s fourth season, which premiered on Netflix in 2013, it seemed unclear where the cult comedy, originally produced and distributed through Fox, was heading, if anywhere. As Uproxxx reports, however, producer Brian Grazer took time on Bill Simmons’s “B.S. Report” podcast this morning to announce the return of the beloved, hugely influential series. “We’re going to do another 17 episodes,” said Grazer on the podcast, “So, stay tuned for ‘Arrested Development.'”

arrested development mitch hurwitz

Image via Netflix

There’ve been no confirmed reports on whether or not the show will be back on Netflix for its fifth season, which isn’t a big surprise considering the near-indifferent response to the underrated previous season. It’s unlikely that the show will once again cut around its central mystery via varying perspectives, as season 4 did, but there’s no guaranteeing that the show will return to its more straightforward structure either. At this point, whatever Grazer, producing partner Ron Howard, creator Mitchell Hurwitz, and the cast pull out of their hats will almost certainly make for fascinating television, though the laughs will likely not be the same caliber, or even tone, as the series’ classic first two seasons. There’s also no word on how these episodes will figure into the planned Arrested Development film. Meanwhile, Howard and Grazer are prepping the release of In the Heart of the Sea, an adaptation of the incident that inspired Moby Dick, while Arrested Development star Jason Bateman recently finished shooting his sophomore directorial effort, The Family Fang, and will star in Joel Edgerton’s The Gift this summer.