David Cross Thinks New Season of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Will Have 13 Episodes; Ron Howard Shares Images From The Set

     August 22, 2012


All news regarding Arrested Development‘s fourth season is good news, but some is just great.  Though the initial plan was for the new season to run for ten episodes (each of which would focus on a major character), series star David Cross has recently revealed that it’s looking more like thirteen.

The series has never lost momentum or its cult following – in fact, if anything, it’s become even more popular post-cancellation than during its initial run on Fox.  It’s hard to believe that nearly a decade has past since the series first aired, but that doesn’t seem to have any bearing on the quality of the production nor on the excitement of the cast involved.  For more on what David Cross has said about the upcoming season and being a never-nude, plus some photos that the series’ narrator and executive producer Ron Howard recently shared on Twitter, hit the jump.

david-cross-arrested-development-season-4Cross recently spoke to Rolling Stone (via The Playlist) about the episodes:

“I think it’s going to be 13 episodes, not 10. There’s too much story. Some characters will have two-parters. Everybody sort of participates, sometimes in a bigger way and sometimes in a tiny little thread that goes through everybody else’s stories.”

He went on to say that the new structure (focusing on certain characters rather than the madcap plotting of the original series run) is “so layered,” and

“It’s really audacious and amazing. I think a lot of people will miss the work that is involved, the story, the Venn diagrams that are being created, the domino effect that characters have with each other in their various episodes. I know what he’s doing, and this has never been done on a TV show like this. This makes Lost look like a Spalding Gray monologue. You’ll have to watch each episode more than once.”

As for the series running on Netflix, Cross can’t say enough good things about working with the company,

“Netflix is great. They don’t meddle at all. They know what they want. They’re happy to have it. The idea of Fox and NBC and being kind of studio- or network-loyal is absurd. People don’t give a shit. What is it? It’s on the plane. It’s on Netflix. It’s on Hulu. It’s on YouTube. It’s on the Internet. That’s how people watch TV.”

Finally, what about those cutoffs?

“Well, the cutoffs themselves are great, because that first day of shooting we were in Burbank, and it was 102 degrees. It was a treat to be in the cutoffs. It’s great, and it’s a little surreal.”

That last statement feels like a summary of how everyone feels about the series resurrecting. Arrested Development is set to air on Netflix in 2013.

Here are some images from the set that Ron Howard shared via his Twitter: