ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Script News Raises Hopes; Hopes Most Likely Crushed at Later Date

     October 4, 2009


Every time I have to report an “Arrested Development” movie story as the film languishes in perpetual early pre-production, I feel like I’m Lucy re-setting the football so that all AD fans (myself included) can get ready for another humorous-yet-educational parable.  Well, here’s the football again: “Arrested Development” creator Mitch Hurwitz and co-executive producer James Vallely are working on a screenplay for the “Arrested Development” movie.    Hit the jump to think that this time you really are going to kick the football.

Steve spoke with Michael Cera and David Cross about the AD movie this past June and talked to Jason Bateman about it just a little over a month ago.  They all say that Hurwitz is working on the script and that sure provides hope.  Delicious, delicious hope.  So when THR reports that Hurwitz and Vallely are forging ahead on a script with a possible production start in the spring, that hope is just empty calories.  We already knew they were working on it, but THR just wanted to fatten us up, I guess.

I had to check to make sure the story was from this year.  I’m not kidding.  With just a few details changed, this could have been a story from last fall.  Hurwitz can work on the script until the end of time (and at this rate he just might).  As long as he does, he is technically “working on the script” and that when this script comes into existence, then production could theoretically begin in not just spring, but in any season.

I don’t mean to be so down on this because I do want to see an “Arrested Development” movie (although I’m completely satisfied with the show’s finale).  I’ve just been burned so many times and I’ve just learned to remain emotionally detached until this film finally goes into production and despite stories like these and comments from the cast, I wouldn’t get my hopes up–at least not yet.