Mitch Hurwitz Provides New Details about the Upcoming Season of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT; Considering Two More Seasons [Updated with Video]

     April 18, 2012


Last year, we reported the joyous news that Arrested Development wouldn’t be getting just a new movie, but a new season as well.  The full cast is aiming to return for season four, which will run ten episodes and premiere on Netflix.  The fourth season, which will lead into the movie, was originally set up as more of an anthology where each episode would catch up with an individual character.  But speaking to an audience at a Netflix-sponsored event in Las Vegas, creator Mitch Hurwitz revealed that he’s tweaked the plan for the new season.

Hit the jump for what to expect in season four, and which beloved supporting character will be making an appearance. [Update: We’ve updated the article with video of Hurwitz speaking at the event.]

arrested-development-cast-orange-backgroundAccording to Vulture, Hurwitz told the audience that the new season, “is now kind of evolving into becoming more like the old show again.”  The reason for the change?  Because all of season four will debut at once rather than week-to-week.  “There’s something exciting about trying to break the form again,” said Hurwitz.  So if you’re an Arrested Devleopment fan (and you should be), plan to set aside 220 minutes to watch all of season four (assuming that the episodes are still around 22 minutes).

Hurwitz wouldn’t mention any specific details on the plot, but he did provide some info on what the new season will offer in terms of structure:

“There’s going to be some mystery sprinkled throughout this [but] instead of watching one a week and try to get ahead of it, the hope is [fans] will watch them all together and then go back and look for clues and connections,” Hurwitz explained. “We’d also like to use the technology to provide additional material, where you might be able to access another part of the story.”

This is definitely the Arrested Development we all know and love.  It’s a show that rewards multiple viewings.  As far as new technology, I assume this means something along the lines of an iPad app similar to what HBO has for Game of Thrones, but that’s just a guess on my part.

There was also the exciting news that Hurwitz would consider doing a fifth and sixth season of the show, adding “We would love this to be the first of many visits.”  However, this seems like a bit of a long shot since the show would have to sign the entire cast for two more seasons, and it’s already been a challenge to get the schedules to work out for season four.

Finally, Hurwitz said fan favorite Bob Loblaw (Scott Baio) will make an appearance in season four:

“It’s kind of a one-joke thing. But if you guys don’t mind bringing it back, we’ll give it to you.”

I don’t think Arrested Development fans mind bringing anyone back, but some supporting characters have more support than others (there’s a petition to get Steve Holt into season four).  Personally, I’m casting my vote for Franklin.

Here’s video from the event: