THE FLASH Cast and Creator Tease Another ARROW Crossover, Romance, and More

     April 7, 2015


The first season of The Flash has skyrocketed the series into becoming one of the CW’s most successful new shows. Each week we become engrossed in the mind-blowing storytelling and magnificent action sequences as we follow Barry Allen in his attempts to keep Central City and its residents safe. With so much potential for great storylines and so many unanswered questions, it was only natural to want to have our curiosity appeased.

At WonderCon 2015 this weekend, we had a chance to sit down for a round table interview with the stars of the show— Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, and Candice Patton—as well as executive producer Andrew Kreisberg to try to get answers to some of our burning questions. Here are 6 things we learned:


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Expect to see Killer Frost very soon. 

  • Panabaker revealed that her character’s transformation into a villain is in the near future, and she’s thrilled about the possibility. “The truth of the matter is that it will be sooner than I expected. My expectation was that we would not see Killer Frost for a couple seasons, and we’ll see her sooner than you think,” she admitted. But what about Cisco’s Vibe? According to Valdes that possibility is always on the table. “It’s being heavily considered but I don’t think anything’s been committed to yet,” he added, also expressing his desire to don a superhero suit.

Romance is in the air for some of our favorites in Central City. 

  • Panabaker shared that the chemistry between Caitlin and Barry will continue to be explored, even if the pair isn’t quite ready to take the plunge into romantic waters yet. And we can’t forget her character also has Ronnie to deal with this season, “Robbie [Amell] will be back. We haven’t seen the last of Firestorm.” But fans of either pairing should be on the lookout because according to Panabaker, “There will be some Barry and Caitlin scenes that the SnowBarry fans will be very excited about and there will be some Ronnie and Caitlin scenes that the SnowStorm fans will be excited about.”
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    Cisco will also be dipping his feet into the romantic sphere in upcoming episodes. Valdes told us to expect to see that side of him soon, “He’s a romantic man, he’s a passionate human being. You can definitely expect some trials and tribulations. Can’t tell you how or who.” When questioned about the Black Canary in a future crossover episode, he replied, “I think that’s the highlight of his visit to Starlight City and that’s all I’m going to say.”

  • As for Barry and Iris, Westallen fans shouldn’t be discouraged. “I don’t believe it will ever be the end for Barry and Iris,” said Patton, “They’re so iconic. There will always be some sort of relationship between them. It’s just a love of a lifetime.”

There will be tough times ahead for everyone.

  • Panabaker said it’s going to be hard for Caitlin to believe that Wells is anything but a heroic person. “She had great faith in him [after the particle accelerator explosion] and Caitlin and Cisco stayed. She believes they can change the world together and if someone says otherwise, it’s going to be hard for her to believe. She’s going to push back a little bit.” Valdes also offered his input, “Things are going to be tested. All sorts of relationships are going to be tested to the maximum.”
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    While in a past episode, Iris was happy to learn that Barry was The Flash, Patton says the new reveal will be far from celebratory. “She will find out sooner than later. When she finds out she’s going to be really angry. It’s a huge life changing secret,” Patton teased.

There will be more interactions between characters.

  • Caitlin and Iris are set to interact in future episodes but don’t expect a full-fledge friendship to develop between them. “It’s not a deep relationship but I think they have a mutual respect,” Patton said about the pair.
  • Panabaker revealed that she got to work with new villain, Grodd, “He is more than you could ever imagine. The stuff with Grodd is scarier than you could imagine and some of it is also funnier than you could imagine. It’s great.”

More crossovers with Arrow and The Flash are coming. 

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    Kreisberg said that both Arrow and The Flash will be building up to the set up for the spinoff. “As much as Flash and Arrow are interconnected, Flash and Arrow and the new show will be interconnected. You will be seeing the evolution of some of these characters,” he said. However, when questioned about Firestorm and the possibility of Ronnie and Stein becoming separate entities, he remained tightlipped.

There will be more time travel.

  • Valdes said his death is something that will be touched on again. “We will revisit that timeline. I can’t say how and I can’t say when but it will be instrumental towards the momentum that we build towards solving the mystery that’s going on right now,” he said. Kreisberg added that time travel isn’t just something they stumbled upon, “Whether people realize it or not, this whole show is about time travel.” And what about traveling to the future? “We don’t have any trips to the future planned but in the last half of the year you’re going to hear about certain people’s futures. A lot of the characters are going to hear about where they end up,” Kreisberg concluded, alluding to the fact that these characters will have to decide whether to accept their fate or fight it.

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