Willa Holland Talks ARROW, Upcoming Episodes, Wanting to Do More Action, and More

     April 3, 2013


Shortly before the cast of Arrow hit the WonderCon stage, I was able to participate in a roundtable interview with Willa Holland.  During the interview, Holland talked about the upcoming episodes, her character’s arc during the first season, wanting to do more action, how she’s going to use the hiatus to train, what she might buy herself since the show got a second season, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch.

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Willa-Holland-Stephen-Amell-ARROWWilla Holland Time Index:

  • :12 What gift did she buy herself when she found out they were picked up for a second season? Says she wants to restore a 1967 Mustang.
  • 1:37 How does the kidnapping change the relationship between Roy and Thea? Talks about her character’s arc in the coming episodes.
  • 3:27 Is she glad that Thea hasn’t learned the truth about Oliver yet? Talks about their brother-sister bond.
  • 4:26 If Thea found out would she be quick to join Arrow’s side?
  • 5:25 Are we gonna see more of Thea’s work life for the upcoming episodes or will it be more relationship-focused?
  • 6:01 Does she want to get into more of the action scenes? Says she signed on to the show so she could pick up a bow and arrow and start kicking some ass.
  • 6:49 Talks about Thea’s weapon of choice. Says she’s intrigued by the idea of using a ninja star.
  • 7:16 How is her world rocked when she finds out what happens to Walter?
  • 8:05 Does it impact her to have the Count back?