First Look: ‘Arrow’s Diggle Is Basically Magneto

     September 3, 2015


It’s been a long time coming for Arrow fans. Olivers’s faithful partner in crime-fighting, Diggle (David Ramsey) finally got his own costume just in time for Season 4, and he’s…Magneto?! OK, not really, but you can’t deny that helmet is just a desaturated Magneto helmet with some texture added. And a leather jacket. After four seasons of build up to a super suit, they gave Diggle a helmet and a jacket. Maybe Diggle joins a motorcycle gang this season.

Honestly, beyond the fact that it’s almost identical to Magneto’s helmet, this is just not a very good costume, and an even worse disguise. Ramsey has spoken frequently in interviews about how Diggle needs a costume to protect his identity, especially now that he has a wife and child to keep safe. Why then, in sweet fuck, would he use a costume that leaves his eyes, nose and mouth — some of the most identifiable facial features — uncovered? Even if they’d never seen him before, I feel like a sketch artist could knock out a pretty good portrait with what we’re seeing here. In any case, here’s Diggle’s new costume, which you can scrutinize for yourself below.


Image via The CW

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