‘Arrow’ Video Recap Show: Damien Darhk’s Demolition Dept.

     February 18, 2016


The recap of Arrow Season 4 episode 14, ‘Code of Silence’ is brought to you by Collider Video and hosts Ann Campea, Jason Inman, Michael Medina and Josh Macuga. Tonight, we welcome special guest co-host David Griffin.

Oliver and his gang of multi colored vigilantes are crescendoing towards their ultimate meeting with Damien Darhk, but first they have to get through his wife, who’s playing both sides of the political table. Little does Oliver know that Darkh and his group of villains have bigger things planned for this political race. Politics or no politics, how do they beat what seems like an unbeatable foe? I mean, he strangles people to death through skype, which work well for most of Oliver’s ex-lovers from season 1.

Before Darhk takes down Oliver he needs to take out a thorn in his side, Captain Lance (played by Paul Blackthorne, see what we did there) and tries to crush him with a building. Laurel comes to the rescue, but now Lance knows he isn’t safe either… it’s a good thing Star City PD is so competent.

Meanwhile on the island… it’s time to kill Conklin. In classic flashback fashion, we get an engaging knife battle with a bloody finale.

Darhk has hired a special team of demolition masters who are taking down buildings in order to take down Queen. Speedy almost dies, but the real loser in this whole demolition storyline is the insurance company that has to clean up the mess left behind.


Image via The CW

Thea, doing her best gumshoe work, figures out that Oliver has a son. And in a twist of great sisterhood, she lays it down for Oliver. Sometimes all it takes is a woman’s intuition and a child out of wedlock to bring a family together. And what keeps a family apart? Lies. That’s what Captain Lance is doing to his relationship with Mama Smoak. He doesn’t have the heart to tell her that he’s part of the crew and living the double life.

The Hive Demo Squad, has rigged the debate hall and after a pretty badass duel, where the demo squad doesn’t fair so well. In fact Diggle sledgehammers a guy’s skull… nothing says political debate like some greatly underappreciated brutality. And in a classic turn of brutality, Oliver wipes the floor with Ruve Adams in the debate.

And engagement party ends the episode celebrating Oliver and Felicity’s pending nuptials, where Lance apologizes to Donna, Mr. Terrific brings the best wedding gift of all time, a bio stimulant to help Felicity walk again. Just when you think everything is okay, Damien Darhk has apparently kidnapped Oliver’s son and holding him ‘sort of’ captive. What’s next!?

We still don’t know who is in the grave…

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Image via The CW


Image via The CW