‘Arrow’ Season 5 Premiere: Expect the “Most Vicious, Violent One-Shot” in TV History

     June 24, 2016


The CW’s Arrow is a few months away from its Season 5 premiere, but the series’ star Stephen Amell is already hyping its arrival. That’s no surprise considering the last season left something to be desired thanks to an ill-used villain, a suffusion of magic into a world that wasn’t sure how to handle it, and a decision to opt for soap-opera drama over tried-and-true storylines from the comic books. However, it sounds like Arrow might be getting back to basics in the upcoming season.

Amell took to Facebook recently for a workout session/live chat with his legions of fans to talk about the Season 5 premiere of Arrow and its ambitious one-shot that should have fans buzzing. Amell also teases the overall tone of the season, a potential costume change, and the return of a character we haven’t seen in over two seasons. While you can watch the video on Amell’s Facebook page, TV Line grabbed a few of the choice quotes from the live broadcast.


Image via The CW

As far as that Season 5 premiere, Arrow fans better catch it live, since Amell says that one particular fight scene “has the opportunity for us to have the most vicious, violent one-shot in the history of network television.” That’s a pretty bold statement considering the wealth of well-produced and action-packed television that’s been on display over the last few years, let alone the entirety of TV history. But if it’s one-shot takes were talking about here, one drawn up by veteran stunt coordinator and newly minted director James Bamford is worth paying attention to; he’s previously directed the Arrow episodes “Brotherhood” and “Code of Silence” and will be helming the first two episodes of Season 5. Bamford isn’t one to hold back, so expect this first look at the new season to live up to the hype.

As far as the tone of Season 5, Amell had this to say:

“If [the premiere] is any indication, Arrow is going to be f–king mean this year, and that’s really exciting.”

He clarified use of the word “mean” by saying, “not ‘evil,’ just meaner,” when a concerned fan asked him to elaborate. Amell didn’t, however, clarify just what he meant by describing the premiere with the word “legacy;” perhaps other fan-favorite characters will be showing up? He did hint that “someone that we haven’t seen in two full seasons” will be appearing, so feel free to leave your guesses in the comments section.


Image via The CW

Other questions which Amell dodged included whether or not the Legends of Tomorrow characters would be showing up in the premiere, changes to his Green Arrow costume beyond a “slightly modified version,” any effects on Arrow that the Season 3 premiere of The Flash (titled “Flashpoint”) would have, and anything related to Olicity. We’ll get answers to some of those questions and more when Arrow returns to The CW on October 5th at 8pm.

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