‘Arrow’: Stephen Amell Teases the Return of Deathstroke and If Oliver Can Trust Him

     November 9, 2017


One of the most fascinating relationships on Arrow is the one between Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett). Slade’s return as Deathstroke at the end of Season 5 was a welcomed sight for fans, though a complicated one for Oliver. But it wasn’t just a cameo — Slade has remained part of Oliver’s life in Season 6 (much to the chagrin of some members of Team Arrow), and in “Deathstroke Returns,” we will see him calling upon Oliver for a favor: assistance in finding Slade’s son.

We’ve seen in the promos for “Deathstroke Returns” that Slade’s son has been hanging out with some pretty shady characters, which puts him and Oliver on a rescue mission. Having seen the episode in advance, I can confirm that it is not only action-packed but surprisingly emotional, and there is a particularly badass fight that shows a different style of chaos than we’re used to on this show.


Image via The CW

From the set in Vancouver this week, Stephen Amell shared with us some teases for what’s to come in his relationship with Slade moving forward.

“Manu [Bennett] and I work on where they are [in their relationship]. I thought the early drafts of the script almost slipped them back into what you would have seen in Season 1, the latter part of Season 1, or maybe even the early part of Season 2 back on the island. Oliver understands perfectly well that Slade was under the influence of something. He was not of his right mind. With that being said, certain things can not be undone. Ever. So, I really wanted to make … Do I trust him when he is of his right mind? Yes. Do I rely on him? Sure. Are we going for a beer after our road trip to go find his son? Probably no. Probably not. There are certain things that I cannot forgive. I think that at his core, Oliver thinks that Slade is a good person.”

When asked if Slade will continue to be a part of the show and Oliver’s life throughout the season, Amell told us:

We leave this two-part episode fairly open ended. It’s great having Manu back. Both of these episodes, they really are his episodes. Between what is going on with him in the flashbacks – which continue in Episode 6 – between those two things and the ongoing storyline surrounding Vigilante and what’s going on back in Star City, those were two very, very quiet episodes for me. So, it was great to watch Manu work.

Arrow airs Thursday nights on The CW.