‘Arrow’: New Season 6 Trailer Sees Oliver Juggling the Responsibilities of Fatherhood

     October 10, 2017


The CW superhero series are already underway with Supergirl kicking the year off with its Season 3 debut last night, and The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow arriving tonight for their respective Season 4 and Season 3 premieres. And while Arrow faithful are very much aware that the show’s Season 6 debut is also this week, it’s worth reminding that it will enjoy a new day and time: Thursdays at 9pm.

And this newly released trailer for Season 6 acts as a reminder of where the Season 5 finale left things off … sort of. We are still waiting to see just what became of everyone other than Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and his son after the much-visited island of Lian Yu exploded. This sizzle reel jumps ahead to the threats that await Oliver back in Star(ling) City along with his responsibilities as father, mayor, and vigilante crime-fighter. There’s a lot going on in this upcoming season, which should translate well into engaging drama, thrilling action, and another entertaining season of the network’s anchoring superhero series.

Check out the new trailer for Season 6 of Arrow below:

Oliver (Stephen Amell) deals with the fallout of the explosion on the island.

Here are three things I’m excited about seeing this season (YMMV): How Oliver handles his role as a father (which the show seems to be taking seriously for once), how Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) factors in now that he’s back in the fold, and just what kinds of characters Kirk Acevedo and Michael Emerson get to play. Lots to keep an eye out for!

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Image via The CW