Stephen Amell Talks ARROW, Future Episodes, the Season Finale, and Tells a Great Comic-Con Story at WonderCon

     April 2, 2013


Shortly before the cast of Arrow hit the WonderCon stage, I was able to participate in a roundtable interview with Stephen Amell.  During a really fun interview, Amell talked about the upcoming episodes, his reaction after reading the season finale script, whether he considers his character a “good guy,” the devloping storyline between Oliver and Tommy, the shooting schedule as it relates to the island, and a lot more.  In addition, he also talked about the wine company he’s building, what it’s like to walk around a convention now, and tells a great story from last year’s Comic-Con.  Hit the jump to watch.

And if you missed our reap of the Arrow panel including a video montage, click here to check it out.  Arrow airs on the CW Wednesday nights.

stephen amell ArrowStephen Amell

  • 0:17 – His reaction to reading scenes not involving his character.
  • 0:58 – How he stays in shape.
  • 1:44 – The developing storyline between Oliver and Tommy.
  • 3:10 – Does he consider his character a “good guy”?
  • 4:24 – The developing relationship between Oliver and Felicity.
  • 5:20 – Will fans return to being interested in the Oliver and Laurel relationship.
  • 6:01 – The conflict in bringing Oliver and Laurel back together.
  • 6:55 – The shooting schedule as it relates to the island.
  • 7:52 – His reaction to reading the script for the season finale.
  • 8:36 – What he did after he heard the show was picked up for a second season.
  • 9:16 – The wine company he’s building and the first bottle they’re releasing.
  • 9:42 – What it’s like for him to walk around a convention.