The ‘Arrow’ Cast React to the Reveal of Vigilante, and Tease What’s Coming Next

     November 9, 2017


At last, the final unknown masked man on Arrow has been revealed! The identity of Vigilante, who seemed like he could have been connected to Prometheus last season (but isn’t!), has come to light. As some predicted, Vigilante turned out to be Dinah Drake’s former partner (both professionally and personally) Vincent Sobel (Clayton Chitty), who she thought was dead after she saw him shot in the head by the criminal Sean Sonus. It turns out that no indeed, he just became a meta at the same time she did, and we saw him shot in the head once again — and live! — just to prove the point.

The show’s cast shared their reactions to the Vigilante reveal from their Vancouver set this week, as well as what it means for Dinah and Team Arrow moving forward? Of course, it affects Dinah the most, with Juliana Harkavy telling us that, “It’s definitely been a little bit of a glitch in her path, because now — in a sense — not only is she dealing with her past but she also has her own little secret that she has to decide whether she’s going to keep from the team, so it definitely throws a wrench in her life and game plan.”


Image via The CW

And is Dinah going to remain in communication with Vincent now? “I think as she decides what she wants to do with him and about that, she wants to feel it out,” she told us. “But she’s also very cautious, so it’s something that she cautiously wants to continue communication with him […] She’s going to take her time with it for a second.”

Stephen Amell shared with us the moment he found out who Vigilante is, saying:

“I was upset that it wasn’t McKenna! I always thought that it was a really cool fan theory. I was excited. This year, we are starting to see everyone with their villainous counterparts. I was excited that there was someone for Juliana’s character. I thought it was interesting. I like the idea of another metahuman on the show. I think that we’ve handled having a metahuman as part of our – I guess two now with Katie [Cassidy] and Juliana – I think we’ve handled that well and kept it within the spirit of our show. We’ll see how it plays out. I’ve been doing some work with the Vigilante character just relatively recently.”

Echo Kellum said that he was relieved that Vigilante wasn’t Curtis’ ex-husband Paul: “It was really cool to see that he was this partner that Dinah had, and that they had this really interesting connection, and it made me feel much better about hitting him in the head with a ball last year, too, that he wasn’t my husband! So that was really interesting and it really caught a lot of us by surprise.” He added,

“I definitely know that Vigilante — his footprint will be coming back into the show as the season progresses, and I think that it is one of those things where in Arrow, the secrets always come to light eventually, and I think that you will see the team have to deal with that, and whether [Dinah] trusts us enough to confide in us, what she knows now about Vincent being the Vigilante… but I think you’ll see some detective work on Team Arrow’s part to try to get to the bottom of the truth.”

As for Diggle, David Ramsey admits that “Dig may have something to say about [Dinah’s secret about Vigilante] but you know, Dig can’t talk too much in terms of secrets …”

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